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For Independent Artists & Music Labels

Want to take control over how you want your music to be heard?Now it’s easy! You can distribute your music while keeping 100% of your rights. Ever wondered, “How to get my music on Spotify?”, We’ve got you covered!

Get started for free!

LaaS – Label-as-a-Service


Upload your track, add cover art and edit metadata​


Distribute worldwide on stores you select​


Collect Royallties by requesting outpayments.​


Analytics on streams and downloads, Store wise and demogrpahically​

Distribution Technology &Analytics

Boost your Success

Distribute your music to a larger audience with our major digital store partners.

Artists can access transparent and precise insights and royalty reports. Access detailed analytics by country, performance and platform. Track your sales and streams and understand your audience and data to make better strategic decisions.

How does it work?

We distribute your music to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and many major digital stores you choose to deliver We take care of the reporting, sales collection and all administrative work, and pay your share of the revenue received from your downloads, streaming and ad revenues along with monthly reports, accessible at any time from your user account dashboard in the distribution platform. 

Note- There are no track upload/submission charges or per store/channel charges* Every track is assigned with a UPC, ISRC and ISWC song codes for free!

Who we are and what we do...

Abhishek Band Company (ABC Records) provides digital music distribution service on an industry grade supply chain system, and licensing from  Believe Digital, who are said to be the 4th major in the music industry.

 And we also offer a wide range of artist services such as promotion, marketing, online branding, digital strategy consulting and social media strategy that is handcrafted to suit your requirements.